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Mexican Breakfast

8 Feb

I am in love with Mexican cuisine. As a self-proclaimed foodie I am ashamed to say that the extent of my exposure to Mexican food before I came to the UK was restricted to four things – Salsa (like the dance), Nachos (like Senõr Pepito’s masala triangles), Tacos with black beans (as in, rajma, right?) and Tortillas (don’t pronounce the ‘r’ ), none of which I truly liked. Yes, I had tried jalapenos and of course I loved chorizo, but in my mind these individual things didn’t map up to make ‘cuisine’. At most, they were snacks that you bought at the movies and avoided at restaurants.

Until, that was, the evening when I saw this programme on the Food Network channel. I was bored with eating the regular stuff, and was looking for something easy and exciting when I saw Thomasina Meirs make this simple Mexican breakfast dish.

My version of Mexican breakfast

As I watched, I realised that I already had most of the ingredients at home. I didn’t waste time in putting knife to  red pepper, and soon, this amazingly tasty dinner-breakfast was ready.

Fried egg replaced with goat’s cheese

Truth is, I had been waiting for this ‘intervention’ all my life, and immediately followed it up with a meal at Taqueria where I tried

Flautas deep fried rolled tortillas filled with refry (v) or chicken, with tomatillo salsa, crema, lettuce, sliced onion, queso fresco. The sauce on this one is super awesome


Quesadillas toasty corn tortillas folded around melted cheese with mushroom and house made Mexican chorizo. Woah. Died and went to food heaven, and was glad to be alive to be able to try it before going to heaven

and some other things I don’t remember.

And then of course, I went to Wahaca, where I tried

Fish a la Pimienta Grilled mullet with a melting onion, black pepper, fresh lime and pumpkin seed sauce, served with green rice and salad. It grows on you till you cant get enough


Tostadas with Chicken guajillo Chunks of marinated chicken, lettuce,
guacamole and a smoky guajillo oil. *Want to out of the house at this moment and sinking my teeth into some *

You can find the original recipe for Mexican Breakfast  here.

If you want to make my version though, replace the egg with some goats cheese or semi-hard cow’s milk cheese (I usually use the plain Apetina), and switch the Worcester sauce with sweet smoked paprika.

If you’ve had great Mexican food experiences elsewhere in London, I’d love to know, so drop me a line with your suggestions!