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Mango Season

25 Jun

Hi everyone! So good to be back after the long hiatus (it doesn’t help if you have submissions on top of everything else).

To re-boot, I thought I’d go straight for the bang with the ‘king of fruits’, Mango! Where I come from, Mango season is a huge deal. We wait anxiously all year for it to arrive. Then when it first comes into the market, we turn away from vendors pretending we don’t want it (lest they try to sell it to us at anything more than a bargain price) and then when we can’t stop ourselves, we go in for the plunge. After that, its alphonso, payri, langdo, badam and the rest. The next few months are spent in consuming mango milkshakes, mango pulp, cut mango, mango juice, mango this, mango that and the other.

I had the *miraculous* fortune not to miss the mango season this year (despite being in England), because my dear aunt and cousin made a trip down here, and yes, that right, carted a whole dozen of alphonso mangoes with them for me! Of course I savoured them one by one and made all possible things with them including the mango pulp and yoghurt recipe that I shared with you guys at this time last year.

To add to this, she also brought me some mango burfi from Chitale’s in Pune, an Indian sweet made from mango pulp, loads of sugar and a form of solid┬ácondensed milk, called mawa. To my surprise I also discovered a seasonal tea by Twinnings called Mango Green Tea, which is lovely, both hot and cold.

As I post this, I realise I am in great danger of my friends raiding my stash soon, so I better run off  now for another mango.

Hope you’re making as much of the mango season as I am!

Lots of summer love ­čÖé


Chew, Chow and Chomp at Spittalfields Market

9 Nov

My friends Shuli, Anjuli and I made a trip to Spittalfields Market and then Oxford Street yesterday. Here are some of the culinary page breakers:

We began with breakfast at Coventry station: scone, clotted cream, strawberry jam and tea. How cool is that? And for just 1.99!

scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam

A note on clotted cream: For those who haven’t tried it before (the word ‘clotted’ might be off putting too), let me vouch that it is quite wonderful. To start with, its tasteless. Second, its a nice cross between cream and butter and lastly, it gets all silky and yummy with strawberry jam on top of a warm scone. Yum.

Anjuli treats herself to a generous bite of scone

Cut to Spittalfield. Irritated with the exorbitant prices of the market, we checked into this tiny little restaurant there called ‘The Crepe Affair’. Yes, I have had crepes before, but never one with Ham, Cheese, Tomato, Olive Oil and Oregano! To drink, I had a Pure Mango Smoothie.

Shuli ordered a Ham and Cheese with Extra Veg (mushrooms) and Anjuli got a Londoner (eggs, bacon and cheese)

the cool buzzer thingie

The Buzzer Thingie: They had this really cool buzzer thingie there that I think people in India should adopt soon because its so convenient and cool. So here’s how it works: you give an order and they give you a buzzer. When you order is ready, it bursts into buzzes with cool red and green flashlights, at which point you go to the counter, collect your order and return the buzzer. How cool is that?

my pizza crepe (special) with salad

cup cakes at the crepe place

There were a lot of other food attractions at the market, though unfortunately we found them only after we’d had lunch.

ooooh butternut

all kinds of olives

doh nuts

Exhausted from all the shopping (yes, we did manage to do some, finally) we made our way to Oxford Street, where we shopped some more. By then, we were more than deserving of a delicious yummy creamy awesome treat, and so we went into Starbucks to have their special Christmas Coffee – Toffee Nut and Gingerbread Latte (can’t wait to try the Peppermint Mocha). And though I hate being all Big-Chain-Restaurant type, I have to admit that it was good. And it was comforting.

After that, I refused to acknowledge my friends because they had dinner at McDonald’s, and I won’t elaborate on that because that is crossing the line.

Nutella Strawberry + Mango Chocolate crepe

23 May

Sometime in late 2008, as I sat at the Crepe Station porch at Carter Road, Bandra in Mumbai, I did not know that I was going to have one of my biggest foodie-revelations , or that I was ever capable of orgasming over food.

I was at Crepe Station for crepes, and without the slightest knowledge of what a crepe was. I knew it was made of egg and sugar and milk. I knew it was round and thin like a dosa and I knew it could be stuffed like one, and that it could be really really sweet.

They’re season’s special theme was strawberry – strawberry milk shake, strawberries with cream, strawberry juice etc etc

And then there was the Nutella-Strawberry crepe. Nutella as you know is that expensive hazelnut chocolate paste that parades as being a nutritious bread-spread, when it fact, its just a divine but fattening hazelnut chocolate paste which you just cant resist dipping your finger into. Anyway.

I decided to order the Nutella-strawberry crepe. I waited with bated breath and shaking legs for 20 mins. And finally, it arrived. I think I completely blanked out for the next 15 mins that I ate the Nutella-strawberry crepe. I was on other planet, or a higher stage of consciousness. The two boys who came with me, swore never to come with me again. I believe I was making funny sounds and faces that were too embarrassing for them to take.

The other really great crepe that I had there was the Mango-chocolate crepe. This time, unadulterated chocolate, with thin slices of Alphonso mango….mmmmmm….. there it is in the picture below. They usually serve it with an extra dollop of ┬ávanilla ice cream, but I prefer to have it without.┬áMaybe sometimes just plain cream is good!

The best crepe I’ve ever had, however, was outside Kyobashi station in Osaka, Japan. It was the softest, lightest crepe ever, stuffed with berries of all kinds and a some soft vanilla cream. Just melted in the mouth!