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Pastel – pretty Ladurée

20 Jul

On my recent London stay, I hopped out of my lonely hostel at King’s Cross and meandered to near-by Covent Garden for an evening of hustle-bustle. I had heard a lot about the new Ladurée outlet that had opened there and was dying to get my hands on some authentic French macaroons.

As expected, the place was full and the poor ladies behind the counter were finding it hard to keep track of all the enthusiastic fans and to-be fans queuing up to get a box-full. It was then that I noticed the steps going upstairs, made a quick enquiry and the next thing I found myself sitting in this pastel-shaded parlour of sorts, sipping some Vanilla tea and delicately spooning off from a Passion Fruit tart with raspberries (ooh lala :P) Of course it no longer bothered me that I was by myself. In fact, it felt like my own tiny secret (think young girl disguises herself and enters an aristocratic villa only to be lavished and doted upon!)

The waiters were totally friendly, and I had to give them a pat on the back by buying a box of Les Macarons. There were all kinds of flavours, including Lemon and Thyme, Passion fruit and Chocolate, Granny Smith Apple etc and I got a Cherry Box of six that cost me a fortune as far as macaroons go, but were worth every penny.

Despite my opening the box 2 days later, they remained quite supple (usually they turn really hard and the cream goes all squishy) and were a delight to bite into at tea.

I also discovered the quaint lilttle Ladurée also makes beauty products (with fresh cream?! :P), baby products and picnic products among others. You can explore more on they’re website  (which is incredibly cute complete with pictures, illustrations and sounds), and I urge everyone to definitely drop down to the store to get some of them amazing macaroons!