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Saxon summer and Feaster Sunday

8 May

The sun’s come out! I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been starving for some sunshine and as you can imagine, I am savouring every minute of it. In fact, the assurance that it’s here to stay for at least the next few months, even makes me love the rain we’ve been getting the last two days. It’s all so beautiful!

I’ve already had some amazing times in the sun, and here’s a few I’d like to share with you-

Picnic Shicnic

I especially like lying in the sun with my girl friends, curled up on a towel with a book in hand (study material, I promise!) and chomping on some share-friendly finger food -chips, grapes, chocolate, wafers etc etc

Keeping it light!


Barbecues are a wonderful idea, especially if they’re done well. And because the sun goes down to so late, you have an excuse to make them go on endlessly!

On Easter Sunday, some friends made some wonderful Tandoori chicken and Lamb straight on the BBQ grill.

For Vegetarians, there was a skewered cottage cheese and vegetables option.

And if that didn’t satisfy your appetite, there were yummy poppadums, chicken curry and biriyani (just the thought of it makes my mouth water!)

Saxon Summer

If you are blessed with *good food luck* , you will often times discover the type of place that not only serves great food, but also gives you a great ambience. Fortunately for me, a couple of friends took us to a place just like that near Leamington called the Saxon Mill.

Apart from breathtaking views of castles and flowing rivers…

…they also make very yummy cocktails.

And if you’re looking for summery food, they can fix you something really light but really yummy!

Mediterranean Platter, or some such

Fish cakes with Mango, rocket and tomato salad

Hope you’re enjoying your summer too. I’d love to hear about some of your fun times!

Picnic and Easter pictures courtesy: Shuli Sud

Palak Biriyani

11 Apr

So this is a total throw-all-your-bits and bobs-in-the-pot kind of recipe. Basically, I had some beans, some carrot, half a capsicum and some mushrooms lying around, so I decided to put it all in the biriyani and it turned out quite awesome.

What you need:

1/2 tin chopped Spinach
1 cup yoghurt
1 inch cinnamon
2-3 cloves
2-3 cardamom pods
4-5 pepper corns
1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
1 onion, finely chopped
2 tbsp biriyani masala
2 cups rice
3-4 tbsp oil
chilli powder to raste
salt to taste
any/all vegetables lying about, chopped

What to do:

Boil rice and keep aside.

In a deep vessel, heat up the oil. Once hot, add the whole spices, onions and ginger garlic paste. Saute until the onions are golden brown.

Now add the spinach and saute till the flavours nicely combine. Now add the yoghurt and give it a stir.

Add vegetables, the biriyani masala and cook on medium flame until the vegetables are cooked.

Add to this rice and stir until everything is mixed properly. Now add salt. You’re ready to go!

For garnish, you can fry onion slices until crispy brown and sprinkle them on top.