The simple things in life

31 Jan

With all this advertising going on about how ‘every little helps’ and how we should ‘live well for less’, sometime I really wonder if buying fresh produce like vegetables, fruits, fish and such like, is anywhere near what is promised by supermarkets. It is a pity that I live nowhere near a market, but if given a choice, I think that I’d prefer shopping there, any day.

Recently, I was having a discussion over lunch with some of my work mates about how imporant good quality food really is, and I realised that back at home, in India, I somehow feel much better off knowing that the carrot I am eating comes from the local bhaji wallah who I can scold and argue with if the quality is bad, rather than a sanitary plastic bag that tells me its is fresh and washed, so I can put it straight in the pot (heebie jeebies! always wash vegetables even if they tell you they’re clean)

The discussion moved on to how, in fact, some supremarkets arent doing as well as they would expect, and people are slowly starting to realise that being cheap is one thing and quality yet another.

Flashing back, I also remembered that my grandfather and a few other elder men in the family would have a weekly ritual of going to the market and spending hours choosing only the best for their wives, children and grandchildren. The joy of then cooking with that produce would be unparalleled. Not only would it bring the family together, but also ensure that they lived long and healthy. Better ingredients always made better food, and that is a fact.

It is when the simple things in life are great, like that zesty sweet orange I like sinking my teeth into or the perky pomphret that I put in my curry, that you can truely live well.


One Response to “The simple things in life”

  1. Sondra Rosario February 2, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

    You know, I’m glad someone broached this subject. I moved to the S. Ca desert 8 yrs ago, thinking (why, I’ll NEVER know now) that we were in a somewhat agricultural district. WRONG. I haven’t seen a decent tomato or peach since I left the Napa Valley. The produce in the markets here is, in my opinion, mostly a mere facsimile of real produce and for the major part, tasteless. Even the “farmer’s market” here is for some reason deficient in their quality. I don’t understand why people aren’t more aghast at this sad situation than they are. It seems like they say “oh, I buy my produce at Jensons” or “I only buy my produce at Bristol Farms”….well, I’ve tried both and occasionally, they’ll have PRETTIER produce, but it’s not any more flavorful (with the possible exception of berries in season) and it’s 3-4 times as expensive. No thank you. I guess I didn’t realize how lucky and how spoiled we were, living in an agricultural wonderland so to speak. In fact, I didn’t realize it was so difficult to come by ripe juicy, flavorful tomatoes until I moved here. Now I know . I just know that when I went to a farmer’s market, I could be assured of being able to purchase high quality produce that tasted like real food even if I couldn’t find it in the markets. Just what does it take to get decent fresh produce into an area that seems so close, yet, oh so far away? Thank you though for the info on Berkeley; my mom is there 3 times a week, my stepdad 4 days a week, so I’m passing this market info on to them and I know they’ll appreciate it. Even if they do live a mile from produce stands and farms~ there’s always something interesting at a new one .

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