Mango Season

25 Jun

Hi everyone! So good to be back after the long hiatus (it doesn’t help if you have submissions on top of everything else).

To re-boot, I thought I’d go straight for the bang with the ‘king of fruits’, Mango! Where I come from, Mango season is a huge deal. We wait anxiously all year for it to arrive. Then when it first comes into the market, we turn away from vendors pretending we don’t want it (lest they try to sell it to us at anything more than a bargain price) and then when we can’t stop ourselves, we go in for the plunge. After that, its alphonso, payri, langdo, badam and the rest. The next few months are spent in consuming mango milkshakes, mango pulp, cut mango, mango juice, mango this, mango that and the other.

I had the *miraculous* fortune not to miss the mango season this year (despite being in England), because my dear aunt and cousin made a trip down here, and yes, that right, carted a whole dozen of alphonso mangoes with them for me! Of course I savoured them one by one and made all possible things with them including the mango pulp and yoghurt recipe that I shared with you guys at this time last year.

To add to this, she also brought me some mango burfi from Chitale’s in Pune, an Indian sweet made from mango pulp, loads of sugar and a form of solid condensed milk, called mawa. To my surprise I also discovered a seasonal tea by Twinnings called Mango Green Tea, which is lovely, both hot and cold.

As I post this, I realise I am in great danger of my friends raiding my stash soon, so I better run off  now for another mango.

Hope you’re making as much of the mango season as I am!

Lots of summer love 🙂


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