Sit and drink Penny-royalty!

1 May

I want to pat myself on the back for my excellent timing. The year I come to the UK, I get to the see the Royal Wedding in the Queen’s own country(I pray I can carry off such bright colours at her age)! I know a lot of people will bash me about supporting royalists. But. And forgive the horrid pun, this is the most Royal spectacle of all. It had to be seen and done!  And so I unabashedly declare that I gushed over the dress, I laughed at the ring-screwing and I  clapped animatedly when the kissed on the balcony. AND, I also ate Royal Wedding  themed food!

There was excitement in the air for almost 2 weeks before the wedding. Of course there were flags and offers and things, but I was especially enamoured by these ‘crown and country’ cupcakes I saw at corner sweet shop called ‘Sweet As’ in Leamington. Aren’t they cute?

On the day, the Uni had organised a nice little screening and there was quite a crowd, cheering the couple as they took their vows. Here I must mention that the wedding would not have been half an entertaining without the commentator, who sprinkled his commentary with some valuable jems.

The Uni food outlets too came out blazing guns. There was Curiositea with its sparkly cupcakes and cream tea (love those tissues!)

And Bread Oven with their Royal Wedding specials – Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwiches (veg option) and Coronation Chicken (Chicken, Mayo, Mustard and Raisins)

With me were my peeps Shuli, Hilary and Gruff. To add to the hullabaloo, we got ourselves some celebratory bottles of wine and cookies!

Roisin, who couldn’t make it, baked us this delicious lemon cake complete with lemon icing and cream (Thanks Roisin!)

Hope you guys had a ball at the wedding too!


One Response to “Sit and drink Penny-royalty!”

  1. Shoe May 3, 2011 at 3:26 am #

    Yes, thanks Roisin!! And “ring-screwing” made me laugh!

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