Yoghurt & Curd: Same-same or different?

4 Apr

I’ve always been fascinated by this question. What makes yoghurt different from curd? Or are they the same?

Before I began looking into this a little deeper, I always thought yoghurt was the American word for curd, and that it was usually falvoured with yummy stuff and sometimes had fruit bits in it and things.

But when I did some internet research, I was startled to see that Yoghurt and Curd are not just different on the level of outer appearances. They are actually made of 2 different base ingredients and have different methods of preparation.

This very informative chap on Yahoo Answers says ” Yoghurt is made from a variety of milks but the term “curd” usually applies to fermented and thickened buffalo milk. Both products are white with a creamy consistency. Set yoghurt is a smooth, firm, white gel with a characteristic acidic taste made by fermenting cow milk…For curd preparation, milk is fermented with mixed natural lactic acid bacteria for making curd…Yoghurt normally is prepared using pure culture. It may have only a single species or sometimes more.”


Speaking of Yoghurt, a friend of mine introduced me to this awesome dessert yoghurt called ‘Amore’s  Walnut and Greek Honey Yoghurt’* and I’m telling you, IT IS YUM. Its got these tiny bits of walnut in it and it reminds me a lot of Mishti Doi (which I greatly miss, by the way).

You can crumble some cookies into it or you can even add dry-fruits/nuts to make it more wholesome. But its just as good as it is. And guess what? Its only 59 P (close to 35 Indian rupees). How about that?

*this is not a plug!


One Response to “Yoghurt & Curd: Same-same or different?”

  1. m April 4, 2011 at 3:42 am #

    i had goat milk yoghurt the other day – and I like it! must try if you are exploring yoghurt.

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