It don’t taste like Home

30 Mar

The other day someone asked me what I missed most about home. The answer that immediately came to mind was: Food. It’s not that ghar-ka-khana isn’t available here, or that it can’t be made…its just that its different.

For example, I tried to make Baingan Bharta (Roasted Aubergine with spices) last week.

I went and bought the nicest looking egg-plant, put it in the grill and coated it with oil to make it all nice and juicy.

I got a beautiful crack on the skin like you would never see on an eggplant back home.

I used all the right spices and condiments. Heck, I even threw in some peas.

No surprises here.

It tasted nothing like Bharta 😦 The eggplant didn’t even have seeds! And the burnt taste…let me not get started on the burnt taste.


One Response to “It don’t taste like Home”

  1. meghna March 30, 2011 at 6:18 pm #

    S, I made bharta a few days ago… but I guess even my sensibilities have been eroded and put in some yoghurt (which doesnt really belong in the recipe)
    It wasn’t bharta anymore but I do know what you mean. :-/

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