Cocoa Comparibility

31 Jan

Childhood biases don’t go away easily. For a good part of my life, I have been a loyal fan of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, and these days the poor thing is getting a lot of flak for losing its charm and things. So, I have decided to put things to the test.  I will try three different brands of milk chocolate in the same range and see for myself.  Of course, from the start I am rooting for Dairy Milk, confident of its winning. You will soon see though, that I am going to be proved wrong (which makes you feel kind of hopeless).

Contesting chocolates:

Cadbury’s Diary Milk – The one I grew up with and will forever associate with the word ‘chocolate’

Nestle’s Aero – The closest that comes to a whole milk chocolate bar in Nestle’s repertoire, within this price range. Their KitKat rules of course, but this isn’t about wafer chocolates.

And finally,

Divine: A new fair-trade chocolate bar in  Milk Chocolate flavour. The flowery look of it is a bit sappy for my taste.

Points awarded for
Flavour: 10
Texture: 10
Ingredients: 10
Price: 10

So, first up, Divine.

Report: Creamy, wholesome texture. 10 points. Deep cocoa aroma. 10 points. So far so good. Dried Cream in the ingredients deserves another 5 points. Priced slightly higher than the other two, therefore O points on that front.

Total Points: 25

Nestle’s Aero

Report: Smooth, but clearly not as much as Divine. 5 points. Sweet, with a more obvious additional flavouring. Sad. 5 points. Vegetable Fat in the ingredients, but presence of Butterfat. So ok, 5 points. And finally, decently priced (under a pound), so 10 points.

Total Points: 25

Diary Milk (come on!)

Report: Chalky texture, with a weird thing happening on my tongue. Oh No. O points. Extremely sweet, with an immediately identifiable ‘flavour’ taste that overpowers the natural taste of cocoa. Hmm. O points. Vegetable Fat in the ingredients. No sign of cream or butter, other than cocoa butter mass (present in all three). O points (This isn’t happening!). Decently priced (under a pound). Phew! So 10 points.

Total Points: 10 (I want to die)

Now I realise why everyone else in my family have stopped eating Cadbury. I guess it takes cocoa comparability test open your eyes. And taste buds.


2 Responses to “Cocoa Comparibility”

  1. Shoe January 31, 2011 at 4:12 am #

    Come over to the darrrrk siiiiide.

  2. Tania January 31, 2011 at 12:28 pm #

    🙂 give cadbury some leeway … they are marketing Dairy Milk as mithai. 😀

    also, since you are improving chocolate wise… try to ditch the milk chocolate altogether and move on to single origin 70% + Chocolate.
    is a good place to start.

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